Winter Weather Tips

  • 03/01/2019

  • Colder temperatures can hinder your batteries performance.  Which could ultimately leave you and your family stranded.  Since the battery connections will expand and contract during extreme temperature changes, it is important to make sure the terminals are clean, and coated with an electrical corrosion inhibitor.
  • Make sure to check the condition of your wiper blades, not only will it help increase your visibility to the snowy, ice packed road, a busted wiper could damage your windshield.  It is also a good time to check out your headlights.  Are they foggy?  Cleaning them with a polishing kit will help increase your visibility.
  • Protecting your bearings and other contact surfaces can be especially important during the extreme cold weather.  Switching to a synthetic oil will help because they flow better at colder temperatures.
  • The extremely cold temperatures can cause tire pressures to decrease.  Make sure to check your tire pressures, as well as your brakes and brake fluid.  Also check the tread on your tires, if they are becoming bald now is a good time to get new ones to ensure you have proper traction.
  • It is essential to check the operation of your engine block heater, plug and cord.  Make sure to test your glow plugs, or pre-heater, and relays.
  • Using a fuel additive, if not all year round, can be extremely helpful in the winter time.  Because the additive helps dissolve wax bonds in the fuel, it will help prevent fuel gelling.  Additives also help lubricate the fuel system.