I recently discovered your shop when I was returning from the rental car dealership due to a break down and, I wanted to take a few minutes to express my absolute gratitude for the level of knowledge, craftsmanship, and customer service I have been receiving form your shop over the last week. I recently found myself with a broken 68RFE transmission underneath my 2015 Ram. My truck only had 24,000 miles on it when the tranny quit, and as a result I did not want to put another 68RFE in it. I knew instead, I wanted to put something much more serious behind my Cummins, and I knew that "seriousness" was going to come in the form of a fully built and billeted Allison 1000 with a custom torque converter.

As you may be aware this particular swap has never been done on anything past a 2012 Ram, and my initial intention was to tow my truck back to Utah and use my local diesel shop to attempt this transformation. After spending a few minutes talking with Kirty, he recommended that I talk to Dustin and see what he thought on the matter. After spending quite some time going over things with Dustin and seeing a lot of the one-off custom builds your shop has performed I felt that Rapid Diesel was the right choice to do this conversion. The level of continued excellence I have received from Dustin and the rest of the crew has been second to none. I cannot put into words the level of commitment and customer service I have continually received from your team. As with any project such as this, there have been obstacles to overcome, Dustin has met each of them head on and has come up with a solution each time to get moving forward again.

While my build still has another day or two to go before it is finished and I can get on the road headed towards home, I wanted to let you about the experience I have had so far with your company. I really hope that you get to showcase what your team will ultimately accomplish with this build, and I hope that the pioneering work done on my build by your team will give other late model Ram owners an option for the issues that will undoubtedly arise with the 68RFE. Again, I cannot express enough, just how grateful I am for the level of service I have received from your staff, it has really felt like "friends" are helping me out on this build. I hope to come back to your shop again to have my motor built later this year, and then maybe a custom twin turbo kit built sometime next year, and the sole reason that I would make that 700 mile trip from Utah, is the Rapid Diesel staff, along with the knowledge, and the customer experience they have provided me on this build.

Please pass along my gratitude to your fantastic team.

Best Regards, Mike Tennant

I would like to thank Perry for the fine job that he did on my 01 Ford 350 Super Duty 7.3. The truck runs great and Perry was really great explaining everything to me. I am very satisfied.

Dennis Rasmussen

To: Rapid Diesel,

We want to thank you for your exceptional service with our pickup 1500 miles and is running good. Your service is way above average.

Les & Jane

To the owner of Rapid Diesel,

I would like to express our sincerest thanks for the service we received at your shop. The last part of August 2015 found my wife and I in Rapid City with a 1995 Ford 7.3 Diesel one ton in need of service. After visiting the Ford Dealer and two other shops we were referred to Rapid Diesel. The technicians did an outstanding job of diagnosing the problem and then repairing the trouble. Thank you for providing a quality service facility.

Jim & Darlene Blair Tucson, AZ